Thread: Post-Game Talk: Habs lose 6-3 to the Dallas Stars
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09-21-2011, 03:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Pierre Jr View Post
I agree. and it's the same for the other guys, too. as much as this is a site where we want analyze all the players to the point of exhaustion, i personally think there's only so much you can do after one preseason game. Keep in mind how intricate Martin's system is, and not only how hard it is for the D-men to adapt defensively, but for the forwards just as much.

On a whole, i thought the team defence actually wasn't that bad tonight, it was simply just not a stellar Price in nets--he looked not himself on at least 3 of the 4 goals.

I'm looking for obvious problems, like d-men getting easily outmuscled, outworked, and outpaced, and i thought there generally wasn't much of that at all. The positioning and decisions with the puck you can judge in about 6-7 games, not now. They're still trying to integrate with new teammates, get into game shape, and so and so forth. And the same goes for the guys that had good games. They still need to prove over a longer period and against stronger competition that they can remain focused and play at the same level.

Bottom line: it's kind of pointless to write extensive reports on these guys. Note their weaknesses and strengths, and see how they progess through camp, fine, but to write anyone off or put anyone on a pedestal at this point is a complete waste of time.
Well put. I am in Europe right now and couldn't watch the game and appreciate the "scouting" reports. But it is frustrating to see everyone making final decisions on players futures based on the first pre-season game. If you've played hockey, you know how rusty you are after not playing a real game for months. Your conditioning is also never there because it's hard to simulate game conditions. Give these guys some time to get their timing back before calling them busts and superstars.

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