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Originally Posted by Mike Farkas View Post
For me, it depends on what I plan to do with the team depends on how much I value speed. The last team that I coached was very slow with the exception of one player, so rather than cut the entire team, I just created a little more of a slower-
paced style that relied on puck possession. Certainly nothing that was rocket science though.

I just oversaw a tryout and it basically came down to what I had on each line and what I felt the lineup needed. The top offensive lines had bigger, more possession-heavy forwards without elite skill. So, in my world, I look at my
"bubble" guys (that is, those that could be on either side of the fence) and I'm looking for a speedy guy because I like to have an energetic forechecker to hang
around and attack the weaker pairing defensemen. A nice change of pace guy.

In years past, I had a small,
speedy offensive corps and in the "bubble" I was looking for bigger, stronger, more defensively aware
forwards to balance out my lineup.

So, while I don't answer your question in the least bit besides "well, it depends" - I'll say that speed is valuable, but for me it doesn't compare to anticipation/positioning and passing. But that might not be
a hard and fast rule across the board. Regardless, good luck!

That's me right there, the speedy ***** forechecker.

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