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09-21-2011, 09:01 AM
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It works well, but I would recommend thoroughly rinsing the gear before drying it if you've used any chemicals during the cleaning. You don't want that on your skin.

One more thing, I recently invested in a dehumidifier and it is AMAZING for drying my gear. I have a small mud room and I lay my gear out after I play and I crank the dehumidifer and close the door to the room. It sucks all the moisture out, it's actually a disgusting amount of liquid that comes out. It works great for drying gear after playing and after washing gear as well. Especially for the gloves. Sometimes when I had hockey two nights in a row, my gloves would still be wet the second night even if I left them out to dry for 24 hours. Now, with the dehumidifier, though, they're guaranteed to be bone-dry by the next morning.

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