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09-21-2011, 11:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Jonathan. View Post
You are missing the point. Hixon can run routes. He was going to be the slot receiver on this team. He knew the plays and is not a moron like Manningham is when it comes to running routes. He was the only guy we really had who can play slot.

Now we move down to Cruz.
Stokley is this team's slot receiver now. And due to his age, Devin Thomas will undoubtedly take some snaps there as well.

An injury to our #4 WR ain't a big deal, when you consider we've lost

Our #2 CB (Thomas)
Our #4 CB (Witherspoon)
Our likely #3 CB (Prince)
Our #1 MLB (Goff)
Our #2 DE (Osi)
Our #3 WR (Barden)
Our #1B TE (Beckum)
Our #2 WR (Manningham)
Our 2nd string SSLB (Sintim)
Our #3 DT (Austin)

For different periods. Am I missing anyone?

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