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Originally Posted by piratessabres08 View Post
Actually right next door (to LED) is the Steer, bar and saloon. I never went there as a UB undergrad because I thought it was just a bar. When I found out they served food I had to try it and it was really really good. The pulled pork was one of the best I've had and the salmon was also good.

Lake Effect is good for the experience and the milkshakes. I can't really speak for the food since I haven't been back since graduating (2007). But apparently the same people own both.
Yeah, the same guy owns both restaurants. I've heard the food at the Steer is supposed to be great, but I avoided it like the plague because of it's rep as a bro bar. The only times I would go to Lake Effect would be the 2-for-1 milkshake nights, but I believe that's a thing of the past.....

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