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Originally Posted by ComradeChris View Post
So my skates are a perfect fit, I can skate like the wind in them. The only problem is that my tongue keeps on trying to settle to the right on both skates rather than stay in the middle. It hasn't been a problem until recently; where the tongue is so far to the right that it puts a crapload of pressure on my ankles and makes it hard to skate. I was wondering if anyone here has encountered the same problem and could offer a bit of advice. No matter what I try they keep going back: realigning the tongue, retying the skates, and changing the way I tie them. I was thinking of taking out the stitching and restitching it to make it a new fit, but then I realized there has to be an easier way. I've also thought about using tape around the ankles, but that's how ankles get broken so I've been trying to avoid that solution as much as I can. Any pointers, ideas, or conversation is appreciated. Thanks.
Having tightened hundreds of kids skates I find some of the tongues seem to "walk" sideways out of position as you tighten them up. Once tightened they want to stay there.

What I find helps is to cheat them the opposite way so that they "walk" back to the proper position as I tighten, sometimes correcting as I go. After a while they should need less correcting as they reset/stretch/adjust to the position they are used in.

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