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Originally Posted by DrDoom View Post
JEEBUS! We have a goaltending problem even when we don't anymore.

We have a bonafide starter who can play 60+ games and a very promising backup who can still develop accordingly as long as he plays around 25 games or so. Bob is only 23. He's a proud guy like Reese said and wants to prove his meddle this year and won't like playing second fiddle for too long but he's also a smart and mature guy and I'm sure he understands nothing is going to be handed to him and last year wasn't enough to go with him as the starter this year and risk a Lindbergh second year situation.

As far as Vokoun....again we had to go with the goalie with the most upside and least question marks. Vokoun is older and has some wear on the tires and was another stopgap temporary measure which we've been doing too many years now. Sure he is a more guaranteed stopgap but a shorter term one nonetheless. I can see Vokoun being another Beezer situation anyway or even a Biron. Enough of the half measures..

Organization did what they needed to do and yes had to pay a premium to mitigate risk as much as possible. We made our bed with Bryzgalov and now its time to lie in it. Not like he's some cheapo mattress from the back of a truck. He's a firm high grade mattress....sorry for the corny analogy...
Excellent analogy ! If you would have said a water bed mattress we would be in serious trouble ! lol

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