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Originally Posted by NYR Sting View Post
Almost every statement you made in this post is either a half-truth or a blatant lie. Not surprising, since you are a proven liar (remember that, how I proved, using nothing but your own posts, that you were a liar? I'll have to dig that thread up again when I have a few more minutes today).

Anyway, if by "answer" you mean one poorly thought out sentence that is followed by 3 sentences of failed criticism, then yes, you did answer. Seeing as how Michael Sauer played 71, 64 and 42 games played in his years in the AHL, I don't think the inability to catch him play was really the problem. Somehow, I managed to watch him play on more than a few occasions, as did the other group of posters around here who were championing his efforts for a number of seasons. Also, how can I sound antagonistic, when you are the one who is trying to antagonize me? You responded to my post, which dealt SOLELY with hockey, with a post that features a heavy emphasis on criticizing me. Logic, buddy.

Ah, see, this is the problem. What YOU can figure. But how can you possibly figure out anything about what other people are saying, when you can't even figure out what you yourself say? They are comparable. You said it yourself:

Well, which is it? Stop contradicting yourself. I'm not looking to convince anyone of anything. Believe it or not, I'm not even trying to convince people to harbor negative feelings about you. Why would I? You do a fantastic job with that all on your own in a plethora of ways. I'm trying to put my opinion out there and engage in debate. The point I'm debating? That non-flashy defensemen often get overlooked by this fanbase, and that this can be a mistake. Thus the basis for my comparison between the situations that the two players find themselves in. As far as an egoboost? Why would I need one? I get an egoboost every time I read one of your posts.

Again, here is the problem. You use words like "figure" and "seem." There's your mistake. What did I want? To remind people of exactly what I said above: That non-flashy defensemen often get overlooked by this fanbase, and that this can be a mistake.

Virtually all of the post that you just made was focused on me. The post in which the above quoted text appears in is focused on me. You're absolutely right. You spent 1 sentence talking about Sauer...and then 4x as many sentences talking about me. Also, feel free to provide evidence of where I *DON'T* talk hockey, other than responses to your antagonistic advances, such as this one. I could have sworn that I was talking about hockey before you quoted me, no? As opposed to the thread the other day, that is, where I quoted you in a post where you primarily insulted SEVERAL posters and talked only about hockey in the sense that you accused anyone who has a different set of expectations for this team than you to be a pathetic loser with a sad life.

How can they have a similar style when one's style is dependent on being a properly positioned, anticipatory defender, and the other one's isn't? Positioning and anticipation is just as much a part of Valentenko's game as hitting. Hitting isn't the lynchpin to his game like it is for McIlrath.

When I first read this post, I knew immediately what the case was. You were desperate to try and find a way to get one over on me because the other day I called you out on your insulting and demeaning posts to several different posters, and quite frankly, made you look REALLY bad (which you were well on your way to doing on your own). Unfortunately, unlike you, I don't demean and insult people (unless they provoke me to), so you couldn't find a similar situation to get me on. Instead, like a child, you chose to take something I said that was strictly about hockey, assign your own fantastical meaning to it, and construct an entire diatribe against me based on something that I didn't say. You didn't even bother attacking the actual point that I was making, which even you are likely capable of understanding, because you are mortified of getting into anything resembling an actual debate with anyone here.

This is a lie, unless you can prove that the majority of my over 7000 posts are not hockey talk.

This is a lie. You had a conflict with 4 posters in ONE THREAD 3 days ago. Myself, Boom Boom, BrooklynRangerFan, and Shadowtron. Just off the top of my head, I recall you getting into similar spats with Bluenote13 and daedelus. That's 6, and that's just off the top of my head.
I couldn't be bothered reading this tbh but boy even seeing some words stick out u got mad damn take a breather. Even reading just the last paragraph the answers are so obvious. I'm sorry but I'm not going to keep explaining simple, easy to figure out things. Repeat spats. Boom in 1 thread definitely is nothing like bluenote or you. Boom didn't even respond to me in that thread so how you call that an arguement is beyond me lol.
You literally took the obvious points I made and repeated them as if I wasn't making them. Sticking to the point for once your comparison of Sauer and Vtank was bad and I think you only did it for the reasons I stated above. Sauer was a 2nd rounder, he just kept getting hurt, anybody who had the time to research and pay attention could see he had the ability to make it provided he could stay standing. Vtank is a bit of a different issue. He's lacking in quite a few areas but he's also got the Euro factor and age against him not a lot of people expect him to be around much longer. It also really doesn't help that our depth there is pretty darn good. I don't see many people discounting Vtank it's just that people recognize the obvious which is the potential of our other guys like MDZ, Erixon and what they can bring to the table far outweighs what we've seen from Vtank so far so the talk focuses on guys like that.

Even in another thread there's a discussion right now about MDZ bringing something other guys can't but of course since he seems to be having trouble with his O game he belongs in AHL (I believe you were one of the several people making that point) So you should understand then why people tend to focus on some of our other guys. We need them to live up to their potential more than we need Vtank to live up to his.

Please stay on topic, civilized and relatively short and I will read otherwise I just ain't reading these essays from you it's boring and pointless.

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