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10-25-2003, 08:33 AM
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Originally Posted by jadeddog
somebody else mentioned this as well, but i think it deserves repeating..... if this can work out for a few games (say 4-5).... i could see this allowing lowe to deal comrie "for the best player" instead of "for the best centermen that also happens to be big".... it would allow lowe MUCH more freedom for a trade
There are those on this board who claim that at best Comrie is a second line center. Now Horcoff gets to start on the first line and suddenly our problems are solved? Horcoff will NEVER be a first line center and he will NEVER be better than Comrie. If by some miracle he plays most of the year as the Oilers first line center you can rest assured there is no playoff spot for us. I give him 2 games there at best.