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10-25-2003, 08:35 AM
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Drives Wanted...ok, how about a chauffer, geez?

Why accoriding to Dupes article is Zino taking a 20 mile cab ride to Wilmington from his hotel near the Fleece? Why isn't the equipment manager or someone in place to pick him up. If not, then someone should be in charge of making sure he knows what he's doing, where he's going, how he's getting there, who to hang out with. With all the stories of the Russian Mob and NHL players I'd have him under watch 24/7 seriously though, if the guy is homesick the last thing you want is him alone- there is no shortage of people who speak Russian in the Boston area with all the incredible universities- the Broons should be on top of this- maybe they are, but the thought of 'li'l Zino' getting in a cab saying Wilmington or however it sounded is scarey.

MOC- this is our second line center. Get him a personal assistant or give Samsonov extra money and ask him if he can live in his cellar. Cab!!!! Our answer to second line in a cab 10,000 miles away from home only knowing two words- Wilmington and McDonalds....ugh!!!!

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