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Originally Posted by this providence View Post
Not sure how fantasy hockey works, but is there a way of not having a bench at all?

Obviously this would depend on how scoring works as I'm not too terribly familiar with it. If it's a weekly thing, head to head, or whatever. By not having a bench, you eliminate the need to move players in and out of the line-up that don't have games that day. How this would work in terms of scoring I'm not sure as some guys would be getting more games one week and less others.

If something like this were possible, the only moves you'd need to make would be pick-ups/drops and trades. But again, I'm not familiar with fantasy hockey so I'm not sure how this would work...
Don't really like the idea. Think if a player like Parise, Staal, Getzlaf (ie really valuable players that aren't on the "can't cut list") sprains something and is only out for 3-4 weeks. They're too valuable to drop and will hamper your entire lineup for the duration of their injury should you rightfully choose not to get rid of them.

I think having 4 bench spots is ideal. One for a C, one for a LW, one for a RW and one for a Goalie. Defense is abundant and usually doesn't warrant a bench spot when you can pick up a worthwhile plug anytime.

Maybe having a two separate points leagues would work? They're pretty fun. Obviously there would be a max games played and a max transaction limit for people who know how to exploit (PIMs, etc.). With two separate leagues everyone can still have a strong team with plenty of FA options. And we could come up with different scoring methods than what it is currently. 3 points for a goal, 2 for an assist, .5 per penalty minute, .2 per shot, etc. These leagues tend to stay close, active and competitive.

Just throwin' crap at the wall and seeing what sticks. Thoughts?

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