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10-13-2005, 04:21 PM
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This is a good topic and one that I'm going to bring up with my rec hockey teammates before our next game. We have a few guys who have played very little hockey previously, and we run around like crazy in our own end - especially off the face-off.

For example, let's say the face-off is in your own end and your centreman loses the draw. His job is to tie-up the opposing centreman and keep him from screening the goalie or going to the net.

If you are the winger lined-up on the inside of the ice, IMO your job should be to get out to the point and take away both the shot on net or the pass across to the other d-man. The only option he should have is the dump into the corner.

If you are the winger on the boards, you should NOT be going out to the point. You should be getting in between your man and the net - he's unlikely to score from the boards.

We had a game last weekend where we had all three forwards chasing the puck to the point on a face-off loss, and the d-man just dumped the puck past them and it was a four on two down low.

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