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Originally Posted by JimmyStart View Post
I couldn't be bothered reading this tbh
Or you read every word (probably twice) and couldn't figure out a way to disprove the fact that you are an inveterate liar. The funniest part was the "tbh" addendum there. You do have something of a sense of humor. Good for you.

Boom didn't even respond to me in that thread so how you call that an arguement is beyond me lol...You literally took the obvious points I made and repeated them as if I wasn't making them.
Well, I didn't call it an argument, so then you've just accused me of saying something that I didn't say (again). In other words, you lied. Also, if you could prove that 2nd part, that would be great, because I'm pretty sure that I didn't actually do that, and you just lied. Again.

Sticking to the point for once
I agree, this is unusual. Usually, you try to drive the discussion away from the topic in an effort to insult people and accuse of them of doing things that you yourself are guilty of (insulting, trolling, lying, instigating, displaying poor grammar, crafting weak analogies/comparisons, being generally hypocritical, hijacking and/or killing threads, etc).

your comparison of Sauer and Vtank was bad and I think you only did it for the reasons I stated above. Sauer was a 2nd rounder, he just kept getting hurt, anybody who had the time to research and pay attention could see he had the ability to make it provided he could stay standing. Vtank is a bit of a different issue. He's lacking in quite a few areas but he's also got the Euro factor and age against him not a lot of people expect him to be around much longer. It also really doesn't help that our depth there is pretty darn good. I don't see many people discounting Vtank it's just that people recognize the obvious which is the potential of our other guys like MDZ, Erixon and what they can bring to the table far outweighs what we've seen from Vtank so far so the talk focuses on guys like that.
Oh, you mean the same exact thing that happened to Sauer when Staal, Tyutin, Sanguinetti and Girardi were coming up? If you don't see people discounting Pavel, then you aren't reading the same threads that I am. You're right, research could have shown people that Sauer was the real deal, but most people don't do research, do they? Perhaps research might cause some to view Valentenko as more than many perceive him to be today. Your above "take" on Valentenko, for example, seems to indicate a lack of research in terms of his ability on the ice, AFAIC.

Even in another thread there's a discussion right now about MDZ bringing something other guys can't but of course since he seems to be having trouble with his O game he belongs in AHL (I believe you were one of the several people making that point) So you should understand then why people tend to focus on some of our other guys. We need them to live up to their potential more than we need Vtank to live up to his.
If I didn't understand why people focus on other players, I wouldn't have been able to make my point. In fact, that's exactly what my point is: my belief about why certain players don't get enough attention. You know, the point that you completely ignored in lieu of criticizing a different point that I never made. It doesn't matter that we need them to live up to their potential more, because if they aren't ready yet, then what's best for their potential is playing in the AHL (with a guy like Valentenko playing in New York until then, or a veteran, if you prefer - I don't).

Please stay on topic, civilized and relatively short and I will read otherwise I just ain't reading these essays from you it's boring and pointless.
Here are a number of examples, both new and old, where you took conversations off topic, failed to be civilized, blatantly lied, or some sort of combination of the three. Perhaps you could explain what the purpose of ANY of these posts were, other than to instigate problems. I'll give you one thing, at least it isn't boring. Personally, I get a ton of laughs every time I read something you post. Inadvertent humor, but still, humor. Kudos.


Feel free to post a single occasion where I took a discussion off topic, other than to respond to one of your incredibly rude and inappropriate messages. In fact, I dare you. I look forward to your inevitable failure or weak attempt at changing the topic. Also, in the most civilized way that I can, I'm going to ask you to please stop lying. You are a liar. Please stop putting words in people's mouths. Please stop attacking people for things that they never did or said.

See you in the funny papers.

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