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10-25-2003, 09:12 AM
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Originally Posted by OYLer
Well I disagree. I say give Horcoff 10 games to ramp-up and settle into the defensive component of this offensive line. With Hemsky and Smytty providing the offensive flare, and Horc helping Smytty to grunge-in the goalmouth garbage this line will thrive. Any on ice shenanigans happen where Smytty or Hemmer are targeted you send out Laraque who exacts merciless retributions, even taking an Instigator to send the message. Leave our skilled guys along. It's time for Laraque to intimidate in his protectors role.
Given that BG is "honorable" and doesn't just beat people senseless for no reason I think you have identified a role that needs to be filled, light-heavyweight slugger / mucker. I thought Torres was going to fill that role but so far nada.