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10-25-2003, 09:39 AM
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Originally Posted by mmbt
I agree totally. Folks, if any group of fans should understand that talent and skill isn't everything, it's us. Sure, this team has much more talent than ever before, and it's readily apparent on the ice. But it's not so much talent that they can win without 60 minutes of effort.

This one had all the signs of a trap game. You've played increasingly well for the last 4-5 games, other team's got a bad record, playing the 2nd of back to backs. I said it before the game, I hate these kind of opponents.

The team took the Sabres as lightly as Chaos did, apparently.
Spare me the sanctimony. I didn't decide the game.

We're a better team than the Sabres and we should have won. We played 1 period like we were supposed to...we outscored them 2-0. I don't know why they feel they don't have to play. I never said "this'll be easy" because no game is ever easy. But there are some games that shouldn't ever be in doubt if you do your job, and this was one of them.

Sunday's is another, and so is Tuesday's.

Hopefully Gerber is in net for both of them.

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