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10-13-2005, 09:00 PM
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Originally Posted by HFNHL Commish
Generally speaking, I agree that you need to keep the pressure on, even with a lead late in the game. Ideally, if the two defenseman are comfortable with each other and communicate well, the strong side defender should be holding the blueline, while the weak side defender should be floating a little bit further back in the neutral zone. That way, the weak side defender is in a position to either step up if the puck gets wrapped around the boards, or drop back to defend against a cherry picker/quick breakout.
I will remember these tips. Thanks.

Tonight I played defense, and we lost. We are official out of the playoffs! I got good lessons tonight. They scored a goal when I was screening my own goalie. BIG mistake! Next time I'll get out of the way. Secondly, I tried to clear the zone through the middle of our zone, and the other team cut the ball and had good shots on goal. Fortunately the goalie made the save. Finally, I found myself trying to cover two guys at the same time in my zone, one wing and one defenseman who went out of his position to get a shot as near as possible. I was paralized for a few seconds not knowing what to do. Should have I guarded one player and forget about the other? It's our winger's responsibility to cover their defenseman! I have no idea where he was! On the positive side, the other teams have got any break-away on our goalie in the last two games, something we used to give about 4 times a game, with the result that they scored almost each time. Something furthermore encouraging since it was the best two teams we faced. The other thing is that I can run faster and longer, without being out of breath. Continuous daily physical activity will make of me a better player. Great news: Our team will reform next season. At least I won't have to play with another new team again. If we can all together play better on the defense aspect of the game, we'll be a good team.

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