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09-22-2011, 04:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Viqsi View Post
...hon, I know you mean well, but you really aren't helping.
Let the man speak for himself, he has a right to his opinions just as you and I do.

Originally Posted by Viqsi View Post
No, I dismissed it, which is not the same thing. If folks are going to have an obsessive fixation with a player - and they will, no matter how much you cry about it - better that it be a player who does so much more for the team.

I get not liking the Umberger Fan Club, but let's not claim his market value should be lower 'cause it comes with a fanbase you dislike.
Your post read as if you missed the point. Maybe it was the stats you posted, because obviously there is no point of comparison on-ice between RJU and Shelley, except that they've both worn CBJ and Philly jerseys.

It's also not about the Umberger Fan Club, it's about the Umberger contract. It's too much money and too many years for what he brings on the ice. I've yet to see a defense for the contract that doesn't include past points scored or that he's a heart-and-soul guy.

I understand he scored 57 points last year just fine, Viq'. I also understand he got paid handsomely for it, at a salary comparable to his new contract numbers too. So it seems to indicate that Scott Howson thinks he will continue to perform at a similar level. Based on support of the contract, so do you and others. I disagree.

Scott Howson doesn't need to explain his signings, especially to me, if they aren't the right ones, he'll lose his job. I'm waiting on a member of the Umberger Fan Club to actually respond with an articulate analysis of why they support the contract. Not just "OMG he put up points last year you dummy!" or how he's a heart-and-soul guy.

My favorite thing I read post contract announcement.

Originally Posted by @wyshynski
PD reader Ryan on Umberger: "Not sure how they've managed to get his corpse on the ice since he was brutally murdered by Brian Campbell."

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