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09-22-2011, 04:19 PM
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Dear Mr. Sad Pony

Here is my question for you:

Do you get a raise at work because you have great skills but nothing to show for it; over the guy who might not have the great writing, photoshop, tech savvy but just gets the job done?

People point to his stats because that is the measureable thing that contracts are probably 70% based from. The other 30% coming from age, durability, and attitude.

RJ is 29 and his contract will be up when hes 35. While that might sound "old" in hockey lifespan, let me remind you that he has the current Iron man title in Columbus and hasn't missed a game in 3 years. Also that he is coming off of his best year statistically yet. There is no reason to believe that with a better team RJ can't put up 60+ points and increase his stats when he has better linemates and our PP is stronger.

Stop asking for contract analysis based on skills. RJ is one of the most positionally sound players on the ice at all times. Rarely is he not in the proper position. Which is why he is on the first unit PP, PK, and generates quality scoring chances for himself. So he doesn't dangle like Zherdev...what kind of contract should he have deserved since his skills are so high quality?

You're just being a whiney brat who wants to take statistics away from an argument that is structured around them.

Here's one for the Jury: Tell me how the defendent is guilty - you just aren't allowed to use exhibit A or B. ..... See! I told you that you had no grounds for conviction!

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