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09-22-2011, 04:23 PM
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Originally Posted by TCsmyth View Post
Really? You are calling Schremp and Stewart key players? Sideways because of losing those guys and adding Wellwood and Fehr...yeesh

What a novel concept - relying on super young talented guys to could anybody possibly hope to get better (heavy sarcasm there).

Not saying this team will rocket from last year - heck, they may even do worse. But at least provide something better for your contention that this team is on a "sideways" track
First, I was being sarcastic about the key players part. That was my bad by not making it clear enough.

Second, my basis is the fact that this team, as the Thrashers, was very poor last year. They started off the season fine, but then completely derailed, mainly because the decrease in ability to play from Pavelec, Byfuglien and others. These players had been playing at unsustainable levels (Pavelec with .948% at one point!), so the drop off in play was understandable.

Therefore, since the team has added no significant game changers (and I do not consider Wellwood nor Fehr game changers, merely complimentary players), then I presume the reason for optimism is based on the expected improvement of the prospects I just mentioned. And this was confirmed when I came into this thread.

It's on a sideways track for the short term because, unless the team gets major improvement from the players I have mentioned, then it will most likely finish were it did in the standings last year. Near the bottom. And while the players have the makings of a very good core, I do not believe they can go from "mediocre but promising" to "team changing" in one short offseason.

Guerzy, I will tackle your monster post later, though I will mention that your questioning of the 'Canes is completely justified. However, we have something that the Jets do not: established star players in Staal and Ward.

Now, without them (or if they were 4 years younger), then we would be in the same boat as the Jets. So I see your point.

Also, next time I post here (and I will, you guys seem like knowledgable people), I will just make a new account so my reputation as a 'Canes fan and from the BOH forum does not precede me.

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