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09-23-2011, 12:33 AM
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Originally Posted by YouCantYandleThis View Post
That is absolute effin nonsense.
What do you mean nonsense?

The NHL singled out the Steve Downie hit and the Jesse Boulerice cross-check as punishments to discourage plays that should not be part of the game... and subsequently did not punish other offenders with similar long term suspensions. Both plays happened against Canadian teams and, in my opinion, were looked at in greater detail and received harsher punishment because the Canadian media garnered the plays more attention.

The Flyers were suspended three other times that season, none longer than three games... and all more dangerous than Downie's hit. All three suspensions happened to be versus American teams and, therefore, weren't as scrutinized by the media.

I hope Shanny and his crew weren't playing nice for the Canadian media and will treat similar incidents with similar strong sentences. We won't know until the next one, though.

I don't believe the NHL has a bias against the Flyers; I just want to see consistency.

I deride your truth handling abilities
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