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10-25-2003, 11:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Melrose_Jr.
I just wanted to throw a little more fuel on the fire here. This pulled from the Candian Press game recap of STL @ CGY.

Sather's truly been sodemized by the wire this season. When you look at the types of players we've lost on waivers, like Heerama or Keefe or Petrovicky, it literally blows my mind to see Hlavac, Rucinsky, Carter and now Rheaume out there on the ice or Siklenka planted in the skybox. Effing-un-*********-believable.

On to Brooks, that article is pure GOLD.

Like Hlavac? Or Carter? Or Rucinsky? Or Rheaume? Or Siklenka? Or LaCouture? Or Simon? I mean, gimme an effing break! Other than Lindros, no one on this team can hit the net with any consistency, nevermind get something behind that shot.

This next one from Keefe's agent was my favorite...

$100 says it was Holik!

Again, from keefe's agent....

I can't remember reading anything this scathing about the organization outside of this forum. Brooks is really painting a picture of a man devoid of strategy or plan whatsoever and Sather looks like the biggestg freakin' moron in the game right now. Well done Larry.
Wait a minute,Larry Brooks wouldn't know Shelfon Keefe if he fell on him.Did Brooks exactly write Keefe played well in the pre-season at Boston?This guy Brooks dogged Fedor Tjutin in training camp every single day and when the kid got his game in gear Brooks did not write one word in praise.

How pathetic have Ranger fans become when they whine about the waiver draft,the 13th and 14th forwards in a thirty team league?Why do my fellow Ranger fans have this fixation with collecting every first or second round pick bust or players who frequent the waiver wire every year?People it's the waiver draft?Everyone puts out their garbage hoping it gets collected by another team. :mad:

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