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09-23-2011, 06:38 AM
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Jr. C SM-sarja starts tomorrow. Just looked some rosters and noticed few interesting things...

Tappara has in their roster -98 born forward Aapeli Räsänen. Does anybody have any insight about him? Big kid (180cm, 74kg) and has june birthday...

Also Aleksi Saarela is listed 178cm so maybe our next YOUTH star isn't after all a midget..

Great to see that Blues' new "junior programs" are starting to bear fruit. There is Blues, Blues-T (Blues' second team) and GrIFK qualifying to the final league. I'm predicting that in a few years of time Blues will have two teams playing in the jr. C or jr. B SM-league.

Blues has started to do camps with it's youth teams (=kasvattajaseura?) even before jr. C age. The system was before that the best players just went to Blues' tryout when jr. C started and they chose the best but now they are evaluating players even before jr. C age and there is some Blues' theme camps like skating camps and skill camps which are shared with all the youth teams (EPS, EKS, EJK, Jäähonka and GrIFK). The cooperation with the youth teams and Blues has become more connected and the youth teams really try to train players for Blues.

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