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09-23-2011, 09:47 AM
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Originally Posted by HBK27 View Post
Awesome news - I switched to Fios a few months ago after moving and was dreading having to watch games in SD. I'm sure Cablevision will do it's best to continue to prevent this from happening, so can't get too excited yet.

Cablevision's statement is just disgusting:

"Today's disappointing rulings do not appear to be based on the facts," said Cablevision in a statement. "The data clearly demonstrates that there has been no competitive harm to the nation's two largest phone companies as a result of not having two HD channels they already receive in SD. New York is the most competitive market in the country and this decision only hurts fair competition and consumers. Instead of competing on the merits in the marketplace, Verizon and AT&T are manipulating federal law to gain an unfair advantage and we have every intention of pursuing relief in the courts."

1. There is no way any data exists that "clearly" demonstrates no competitive harm as I held out from switching to Fios for years solely because of no MSG/MSG+ in HD and I know that's the case for others.

2. How can Cablevision possibly argue that this hurts consumers?

What a bunch of ********.
me too. I would testify for Verizon, and I am not a Cablevision customer, I have Time Warner. Once this is complete and Verizon is broadcasting in HD, I will look into switching.

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