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Originally Posted by RafterRat View Post
This is the one and only reason I have never considered switching to FiOS.

For people with FiOS:

1. How bad does a game look without HD?
2. Are you pleased with all other aspects of FiOS?
3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of having FiOS?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.
1) not as good as HD, but much better then cablevision SD

2) MORE then pleased. FiOS TV beats the **** out of cablevision in every way .. quality of HD, amount of HD, amount of channels, ect. The FiOS internet is blazing fast, and does not bog down during peak usage.

3) The only disadvantage is that you have some extra taxes added onto your bill that cable doesnt .. if you have the choice, you can bargain with Verizon and get a great package for a comparable price. If you choose FiOS all digital phone you have to dial the area code (even if dialing in the same area code). You get used to it.

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