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10-25-2003, 11:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Chock Full Of Booger
Spare me the sanctimony. I didn't decide the game.
Course not, and didn't mean to suggest that you did, but it was very apparent that the team's gotten to thinking they were way better than the Sabres. Your thinking is fine for fans, but when the team starts thinking that way it's trouble. That's what I was bothered by.

The way the league is now, there's not that much separating anybody, which is why a team can make a huge turnaround like the Ducks did, or fall apart like SJ did, in the span of one offseason.

We're a better team than the Sabres and we should have won. We played 1 period like we were supposed to...we outscored them 2-0. I don't know why they feel they don't have to play. I never said "this'll be easy" because no game is ever easy. But there are some games that shouldn't ever be in doubt if you do your job, and this was one of them.
It's not like the Sabres are dressing a bunch of AHLers. They've got enough good players that they can compete with anyone, even when you're busting your butt.

The worst thing that might have happened may have been getting that 2nd goal in the 2nd period. The team probably figured they had it made at that point; had they gone into the 3rd tied, they probably take things a little more seriously.

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