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Originally Posted by PredsChik20 View Post
I agree. Preseason, the game doesn't count so the GDT shouldn't either.

That said, for our newbies an explaination (? not really rules just an explaination)

We're a quirky, superstitious bunch. The rule of thumb is the creator of the GDT stays the same as long as we're winning. 4 game win streak? Same GDT creator for all 4. The game following a loss is up for grabs. Usually someone will call dibs or just make one early in the day. However, there are certain posters who only like to use their mojo for serious losing streak situations.

Also, some GDT's include just a video of a song, some involve just pictures explaining what the game's going to be about, and some are full fleged GDTs with actual line ups and start times and tv info. I personally like to give my titles "editions" but it's your call. Pick a style and run with it as long as we're getting 2 pts!

Go Preds!
Gotcha. Thanks for

Oh, and we were superstitious as well. For a while, we were having to put that flipping monkey gif ("Flippy") in most our posts for some good mojo. I understand.

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