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Originally Posted by puckmover View Post

easton is the better deal,

but i dont mind the sher wood good value,

but this post was going abit off in the wrong direction, it seemed to go in the direction of what is a better value stick,

basically looks like 85 flex is good for me, 77 is abit to wimpy for me

and curve it doesnt matter since im not dangling all the time, and using my agility and speed to get past defenders

im thinking flatter curve would be more suited to my playing style, so Zetterberg or stamkos or pp09 in sherwood curves would suit my needs

-Zetterberg pattern

easton se16- since its a high end stick at a great cost,

also another picky note i find vapors have a round shaft, I prefer boxy i think thats why i like the easton se16 and sher-wood t90's
I 6', 180 lbs, have been playing hockey at a variety of levels since I was 8 (currently 25), and shoot best with 75/77 flex sticks. Cammalleri and Ovechkin use 80ish flex sticks, Phil Kessel uses an intermediate, and these guys have some of the best shots in the world. Many other NHLers use much stiffer sticks and also have great shots. It's all about personal preference and technique, some guys like a stiff stick, other guys like whippy sticks. If you really flex the shaft to get power out of your shots you'll likely prefer a whippier stick, if you're more of a fast hand motion kind of shooter you'll likely prefer stiffer sticks. At your height/weight I'd probably suggest a 75/77, or even a stiffer intermediate, but it's personal preference and you might prefer something stiffer.

If you can find SE16s in your preferred curve and flex, that's a great stick. As for curve, it's literally 100% personal preference, no way to know what curve is right for you without spending time with said curve on the ice.

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