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Originally Posted by darrenturcotte#8 View Post
I restructure Billion dollar companies for a living. Is that savy enough to respond?

Cablevision has a conflict of interest, owning local sports teams and their exclusive content. Madison Square Garden has received major tax benefits from NYC because it has a form of public use. Therefore, every service provider to NYC residents has a right to offer that content as every resident has the right to view it. By restricting the highest quality (and intentionally providing a weak SD feed) Cablevision has refused to provide an equal playing field. Someone as "business savy" as yourself should understand the difference between illegal monopolistic greed and savy business practices. There is NOTHING savy about Jim Dolan. He's just the rich spoiled son of a pretty intelligent business executive.

Trying to hold onto the past is one of the best ways to guarantee future failure. Cable companies are obsolete and if they didn't have local monopolies, they'd already be extinct.
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