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Originally Posted by NYR Sting View Post
So, someone want to make a list of all of the different ways in which Fios is superior to TWC/Craplevision?
Basically this:

-better hardware (cable boxes), their boxes upscale standard definition signals so the SD channels you may or may not watch, have improved picture quality over what I experienced with CV
-excellent & reliable HD picture quality... In our 18 months of FiOS service, we've never lost service (TV or internet)
-no channel drop outs.... With CV we would randomly lose various channels for 1-2 weeks at a time. I know it wasn't an issue with our set up or connection because other CV users would describe the same problem on sites like
-No video artifacts or audio distortion. For us, for whatever reason with CV, CBS HD would constantly have audio drop-outs and distortion. We could not watch or record shows on this channel because it was unwatchable. Didn't bother me really because I don't watch that channel, but my roommate was pissed off over it... Occasionally it would affect other channels that I did watch
-Better features and service support. Verizon was first to role out the multi-room DVR's so you can watch your recorded programs in any room of the house, and they also offer a well-designed Remote DVR app for smartphones, so you can manage your recordings and create new recordings easily while away from the house, which is clutch if you won't be home in time to catch the game and want to record it while at work

IMHO, this isn't the type of situation where you get a better deal or savings by going to Verizon, it's that Verizon provides the level or quality of service that Cablevision should be providing! After switching, CV feels old and outdated, and I suspect their large Customer base is the culprit for why many subscribers have problems with channel signals dropping out for days or weeks at a time.... They haven't upgraded their infrastructure sufficiently to keep up with the times, and they haven't acknowledged that they need to provide a better quality product/service to compete with their competitors.

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