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Old Topic - Brought up by LG again.

So, the old discussion about the SEL expanding to 14 teasm again... (yes, I know)

I did think it was worth bringing up again given the point LG makes and from what we have seen in terms of Vxj and AIK being competetive in the SEL.

In the past I was a huge proponent for increasing the # of teams and perhaps also closing the league. These days I am more of a skeptic, and I have to say that I wonder if Vxj's and AIK's temporary success can be made key elements in this debate.

Vxj can be anything this year. How do we know this early on?

AIK made it to P-O last year (congrats), but they were a mere puck or two away from joining SSK and the HA teams in the relegation series last year. Success?? How are they doing financially? I don't know, but two years ago, they said AIK couldn't survive unless they joined the KHL a.s.a.p., so how is it with that nowadays?.. the SEL is for sure not KHL.

More importantly than Vxj and AIK, what happened with the teams that got relegated? If we should have room for 14 teams in the SEL, one would think that it should be a mere formality for the former teams to bounce right back, right?

RBK made it back to KS, but it certainly wasn't done the easy way, and they posed no threat to any of Vxj, Modo, or SSK.

SSK is looking like a former great battleship, still afloat, but with nothing more than a few fragile threads holding the hull together, forget having any sails or cannons to get back into any battle of significance.

My point is, unless we close the SEL and make everything under it "the swamps," AKA Div 1, I don't see there being enough financial resources and player material to support a competetive SEL of 14 teams.

Please feel free to tune in on this, and if you have a thought on what budget and players team 13 & 14 could put forth in a potential SEL expansion, please take a stab at it. I don't see how it could be done.

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