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Originally Posted by SRTtoZ View Post
1) Its not about how big and bad they are...its about the service they are providing.

Fact: Verizon provides the best nationwide cellular service. I have had Nextel, AT&T, Sprint and now Verizon. I have NEVER switched away from Verizon since I picked it up about 6 years ago. They are also the most expensive of the services but I dont mind paying a premium for great service everywhere I go.I have their service for personal and sprints service for work and sprints is no different from them as far as coverage. Billing is always screwed up, taxes for who knows what and terrible coverage on the south shore. I'll be switching as soon as my contract is up.

2) Fact: Fios is superior to TWC/CV in every single way.Prove it??? From Customer service to quality of picture, you name it. Their customer service is horrible and their techs are a step above 3rd graders

I can care less if they are the bigger company...I dont hate Cablevision for holding back MSG HD. Its actually VERY VERY smart because they know the ONLY thing they have that tops Fios is the sports channels in HD. Thats it.

3) So you're fat? Tell us more about it.
Keep drinking the Verizon Kool-Aid.

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