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09-23-2011, 03:26 PM
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Originally Posted by JDM View Post
A possibility that white guilt won't allow for...

I'm just as disgusted by people's reactions to this as I am by the act itself. Insisting on violence against someone for throwing a banana, regardless of intention, is just as reprehensible to me as throwing the banana. It was stupid, but responding with ignorant violence is pathetic.

I read people saying things like "all bigots should be flogged and beaten", which is insane. Whatever happened to the American way? The one that says I will defend your right to have an opinion I despise? If your response is "but he threw something on the ice"... well then in that sense its really no worse than throwing anything on the ice. It's not a ****ing hate crime, its a stupid gesture made by someone who may or may not be, but most likely is, a racist. Big deal.
How about if the same imbecile wore a shirt saying "I hate N******", is that ok? Is that consider freedom of speech?

If someone is ignorant then so be it. But sometimes, there will be consequences to one's ignorance.

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