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The gap from elitserien and Allsvenskan isn't very wide anymore. There's a whole lot of good players in Allsvenskan (lots of them young) that could make a smooth transition to a higher level. Increasing SEL with two more teams wouldn't mean a huge dip in quality.

But would it be a good thing? The best thing that happend to Allsvenskan was losing a couple of teams. Theres more media focus on that serie now, lots of the games are televised which make it easier to make money from advertisments. Theres a whole lot more buzz around the series on a whole. It's seems more like a professional league now when they cut a couple of teams that had no plans and funds (theres still a couple of them left like Sundsvall and so on).

Right now swedes are doing fairly well in KHL, if Fredrik Warg can do great, so can a fair amount of other players from SEL. What happens if Elitserien starts to loose high amounts of players both to NA and to KHL every year. Elitserien isn't in the best of shape right now anyhow and it's possible that the league will loose even more good players in the future.

Theres quite a lot of talent coming out of Sweden every year right now, but it's not a sure it will continue like this forever. To increase SEL with two more teams now might be the wrong move.

The ideal would be to have a SEL-1 with 12 teams, SEL-2 with 12 teams and a SEL-3 with 12 teams. That way there would be a third league for teams with ambitions and a good development league for players that can't yet cut it in the two highest tier of competition. (right now I think a lot of decent players that could be latebloomers ends up in bad division 1 series and eventually end their careers. If you don't make SEL or SEL-2 as a firstyear senior you have a uphill struggle to become a serious professional hockeyplayer.)

Edit: Increasing fotbollsallsvenskan with a lot of surplus teams, was a bad misstake. Instead of exciting games between classical teams every round we got a lot of teams that are in the middle of the pack and have nothing to play for and a lot of Häcken-Mjällby. Games got to be interesting and have meaning to excite the fringe audience that doesn't always show up. Almost every news you hear about fotbollsallsvenskan is that it's losing audience and that the quality sucks, I remember when it was hottest thing around a couple of years ago before they added those extra meaningless teams.

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