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09-23-2011, 03:50 PM
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Originally Posted by 94now View Post
It is not about what we get, it is about desperation to get anything at all. If Rangers are looking outside that means they are not quite happy with what they see from within. And I trust Rangers in player evaluation by far better than this board. If Rangers feel we do not have enough depth in the most deep (at least how it looked on paper) positions, we are in trouble.
The question is "should we take it seriously?". I, for instance, have expressed an interest in many things. That wouldn't mean I bought as much. That report could have little merit, but if it does, then thing could go south pretty fast. Mara or not.
Or, they aren't desperate at all, and are just trying to light a fire under the players fighting for spots? Paul Mara wasn't good enough for Torts when this team was worse, but now he needs him? I don't buy it. I don't mind Mara, but he solves no problems for this team, and I'm not sure he wants to be a 7th defenseman, either. How about we see how the preseason plays out and what Valentenko, Kundratek, and others have to offer first?

Originally Posted by JimmyStart View Post
Your first sentence was an insult and you seemed to be leveling the insinuation that I can't read (A problem you seem to have) so right off the bat I cut you off.
Here's what I did say: Or you read every word (probably twice) and couldn't figure out a way to disprove the fact that you are an inveterate liar. The funniest part was the "tbh" addendum there. You do have something of a sense of humor. Good for you.

I flat out said that you could read, you could even read twice. Interesting, though, that you read it and failed to understand the clearly defined point. Maybe you can't read? Either way, the only person insinuating anything is you. I made no insult. I called you a liar, and provided evidence to back it up. What's insulting is your incessant lying. By the way, your usage of the word "leveling" is totally incorrect and makes no sense. The word cannot be used in the way in which you are attempting to use it.

If you cannot behave I won't honor you with the priviledge of having a discussion with my greatness. Again if you need help the topic is your poor comparison and Vtank's shot of making the team. My reading has less than nothing to do with that. Refrain from insults and insinuations or I will stop reading I just don't have time to waste.
My comparison is the topic? I thought the topic was Paul Mara and the issue of who is going to play defense for this team. You know, the issue I was discussing before your lackluster attempt to take the thread off topic. Then, I verbally defenestrated you and threw every single accusation you made back in your face (and proved them all). And now, you're running away with your tail between your legs. Running away not only from the fact that you are a proven liar, the fact that you took this (and many other) thread off-topic, that you routinely insult people, but also from the little hockey debate in which you managed to engage in, as well.

In other words, another JimmyStart scheme, another JimmyStart fail. You lose. Again. Better luck next time. I can't wait to have another opportunity to help you embarrass yourself. It's so easy and requires so little effort, because you do all the work for me. Every post you paint yourself further and further into a corner; somehow manage to get more of your foot into your mouth. I'm in awe.

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