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10-25-2003, 12:14 PM
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[QUOTE=Mike Komisarek]Are you guys nuts? You actually wanted Higgins to play in the NHL full time??

Is there any chance that you could tone it down some? You basically said the same thing to another poster who gave his opinion on Gauthier, and a few days ago you were harrassing Chris Higgins brother and demanding that he go buy a webcam so he can prove to YOU that he's legitimate despite the assurances of many respected posters that he is.

No, the other guys on this board are not nuts - nor do they have to pander to anyone. Their opinions/posts are just as important as yours, and in some instances (such as when Kevin Higgins offers us some tidbits on his brother) more important. I must say it was tough reading that thread the other day; you were frankly embarrassing.

You are obviously a dedicated Hab fan, and you sometimes offer some interesting points, but don't forget that you are not alone in that department, and other posters don't appreciate the name calling.

Don't stop being confrontational, but please, can you show some more respect?

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