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09-23-2011, 11:25 PM
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Originally Posted by KJP View Post
This site has become a complete and total wasteland since the playoffs.
Oh, absolutely - I don't even bother reading anything other than this board and the History of Hockey board. But it's just a reflection of the sentiment in a broader sense that comes down from the media as a whole.

There were large sections of the media that had a grudge against the city/team to begin with (Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Chicago) and they basically wrote the movie of last spring casting the Canucks as the villians. And previously neutral outlets then started going with it as well. By the end of the playoffs, every hit was dirty, every player to lose his balance was a dive, every interview was taken out of context ... have never seen anything like it.

Looking back at the circus around the Torres and Rome hits and Burrows bite, and comparing it to cheapshots against Sedin and Rome, and the horde of other borderline plays and cheapshots around the league in the playoffs, it's still difficult to comprehend.

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