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09-24-2011, 02:57 AM
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I guess I'd be interested in knowing what kind of gross sales or, even better, revenue the SEL clubs are looking at, and how this compares to the HA. Anybody know?

With two more teams, there might be more games with more trips, etc. Granted the clubs should make some revenue from each additional game, it might not be enough to cover the additional expenses... someone mentioned GAIS and Mjällby, and I can imagine we have similar match+ups in hockey already... Unless Örebro gets in and saves the day (everybody's secret favorite), it'd be awful to see Malmö and Södertälje (yawn) mix it up with Timrå, Brynäs, Linköping, etc.

However, if we indeed have enough players to put together 2 more teams in the SEL today (and like someone mentioned, what happens if the well of promissing Jr's runs dry in a year or two), then the teams in the league still has got to be able to bear it financially, which I don't think is the case with Allsvenskan in soccer for the moment (how many Allsvenska teams are profitable today?).

The other element of soccer, which we don't have as much of in hockey, is the possible revenue (profits?) that can be generated if the teams is successful on the continent. I get the idea of how more teams in a league is diluting the talent on each team, but I truly wonder if it would matter as much to the SEL as it did to Swedish soccer from a revenue point of view.

Anyway, I was a bit dissapointed when I in Aftonbladet read that the SEL president, Jörgen Lindgren, apparently had not been asked the obvious follow up question to his comment, "We've made a decisions, and 12 teams is the optimal # of teams."

I'm not saying 12 teams aren't the optimal # of teams (I'm sure they know this better than I do), but it would be fun to know what sort of data they have looked at and how they used their info to make that conclusion.

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