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Originally Posted by Systemfel View Post
I remember someone suggesting that all Allsvenskan teams should just be invited to join the SEL. "If they don't want to, or are unable to, screw 'em. What are clubs like, for instance, Bofors and Sundsvall doing? Are they trying to make Kvalserien? No, they're just floating around."

What do you guys think of that?
Dunno if that was me, but my main problem with having people say that nobody could move up or down in a closed league is rather silly. THe difference is that in a closed league, you would apply for promotion based on several factors, one being your economy, home arena, perhaps history, and why not results in the league below.

The league as a whole would probably not mind an addition if such addition could make a strong case for being profitable, and also help generate more revenue for the other members as well. On that note, If you're not progfitable, and you bring everybody down a notch, you could and should get kicked out/relegated.

Its all about money either way, so why not drop the farse and be upfront about it. It could also allow teams to give some promissing Jr's more ice time during a rebuild year, as opposed to have them breaking thier financial backs by signing poorly scouted talent talent from god-know-where just to make a desperate last ditch effort to avoid relegation.

It could work either way, but in general, I see that closed leagues tend to work fairly well, as long as their is a good chunck of common sense and flexibility built in to the constitution of such endeavor

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