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Originally Posted by the overrated View Post
Are you suggesting that football, basketball & baseball fans are better informed than hockey fans?

And IRT to your referencing the Jimmy Fund: If PETA starts donating money to a charity that I like, should I stop eating meat? If the WWF starts donating to my favorite charity, should I start watching pro wrestling? My point is: I'm not sure what they do for charity should impact how much someone likes or dislikes their product. It's great that they do that, but I don't see how it relates to people listening to the station day-in/day-out.

Full disclosure: Sports radio in general bores me. It's like reading message boards but without the opportunity to rebut other people and without the ability to ignore someone or change subjects. I'll tune in for the occasional interview, but just listening to callers or hosts opining? No interest. This thread is fun as hell to read, though.
I am not saying that the fans of the other sports are better informed. I'm saying that on a percentage basis, the quality of baseball, football and basketball callers are more entertaining and informed than the hockey callers. Maybe I am saying that because I probably know hockey better than i do the other sports, so I'm more critical, who knows?

What I do know is that I've rarely heard a hockey call where the caller says something that I don't know or haven't considered, which happens all the time with other sports.

As for the money donating issue. I'm really not telling anyone to do anything. I'm just saying that for my money and time, if all things were equal (and they aren't to me because I don't enjoy 98.5's programming) I'd go with the company that gives more back to the community. For me this case just happens to be a slam dunk in favor of WEEI, because cancer research and the Jimmy Fund means a lot to me, my family and friends.

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