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09-24-2011, 08:43 AM
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Originally Posted by cheerupmurray View Post
To steal the most interesting teams from Allsvenskan and then close Elitserien would kind of kill off Allsvenskan don't you think?
That's what happend in Finland at least, Mestis has always been kind of crappy, but it became even worse after they closed FEL. Theres a huge gap between the first and second tier in Finland, pretty few players ever come out of that league.

Right now Allsvenskan is working as a feeder league to SEL, a bad Allsvenska= no more place for borderline elitserie players to develop, plus kind of lowers the interest for hockey in places that will have no SEL-team.

Dunno that's just my two cents, maybe you thought it trough better than me.

I agree that we need smaller rinks though
Yes, but i wouldnt mind sacrificing allsvenskan to make SEL better

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