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09-24-2011, 10:28 AM
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Originally Posted by AHMB Prez View Post
Did you seriously get all this information from one pre-season game ? You do realize he just came back from an injury, and scored the most important goal of the game right ? I thought Gomez looked pretty good actually, holding on to the puck deep in corners and trying to find an open man. But i guess that haters will always be haters unless he scores 127 goals and wins the cup all by himself ?
Yes that is it, I see you did all your evaluation of his game from the scoresheet. I know how most of this board gives less than a **** about actual on ice play and more about some random ghost assist and a lucky bounce.

What is there not to get from this preseason game? When the clown publically stated he didn't like his play last year and said he had to make changes one would assume he would change his **** play right? Or maybe you think him racing up the ice alone and turning the puck over was a brilliant move?

Anyways we saw the exact same play from him time and again this year, wow way to change it up gomez. It was hilarious how some Ottawa defenders wouldn't even chase him because you could tell the clown was just going to throw it away. He is a non-factor. He scored a garbage goal? Big ****ing deal he played like **** and was carried by Pacman all night.

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