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09-24-2011, 12:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Habruti! View Post
I was at the game yesterday and kept an eye on few player i was curious about; Avstin, gallagher, Diaz and yemelin.

The least impressive of the bunch was Avstin. I have not seen any flash of his talent Yesterday. I was most srised by Diaz. this guy has very good instincts. He moves well andbthink he might be a dimond in the rough. I think he looks better then Streit when he came over and i already prefer him to weber.

Gallagher is shifty. He is very good to manoeuver is small area. If he gains some strength he will eventally become a very good nhler.

Yemelin did not stand out which might be a good thing for him.
I agree with most of it. Diaz, in two games he played, was the best D on the team that included Yemelin, Weber, Gil and Woiwitka. He played team high 25 minutes last night and I get a feeling he will play an important role on the blue line this season. It seems that Yemelin needs more time to adjust to this game. As for Avtsin, he was able to show his skills better against Dallas but it is hard for him to do it while playing with the role players. But he clearly needs to play more minutes and with better linemates than he did last year in Hamilton.

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