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09-24-2011, 03:54 PM
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during the lockout there were two players who were a ppg in the RSL. two.
kovalchuk for all his "god awful struggles" was still 7th in the league in scoring.

you keep talking about how these super stars struggled mightily without recognizing that they most likely didn't exert their 100 percent effort because it was during a lockout season where they didn't want to hurt themselves playing in some overseas league that paled in comparison to the NHL. Additionally, you ignore the fact that a lot of these guys hadn't been playing for quite some time and were undoubtedly shaking off rust and playing in a different league with significantly less icetime than they are accustomed to. You ignore all these factors and cherry pick that their ppg was below one. Guess what everyones was below one.

You ignore that malkin was a ppg when he left the KHL at 19 and would have undoubtedly dominated that league in his prime. You just ignore stats, logic, and reason that disprove your points over and over again.

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