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10-25-2003, 02:18 PM
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Originally Posted by jincargo
Olie and his .857 sv % isnt helping any....he's looked really bad at times.

I think the D will improve as the season goes on. Bringing up Cutta and Yonkman over Gruden and Kiwi would be a good move at some point....sooner compared to later.

Also....Eminger is the real deal for those that have not seen him yet...once he gets to the point where he feels more confortable being the puck all the way up the ice his assists totals are going to go through the roof. He's getting almost 22 minutes a night.

Defense in a need...but the way the Caps are building for the future I wounldnt say they are going to overpay for it.
1. Yonkman and Cutta may be an improvement over Kwiatkowski and Gruden, but that isn't saying a lot. Having 3 rookies in the line up along with Jason Doig is not a winning formula. Both Gonchar's offense and Witt's physical aggression are strangled to ineffectiveness by playing without a partner they can count on. Castoff or rookie doesn't make much difference in the short run.

2. Eminger is the real deal. Is a a very good looking rookie. But lets not get overwhelmed here. The only way to get an assist in the National Hockey League is for someone to score a goal. The Capitals goals are coming from the power play, which Eminger won't be on as long as Gonchar and Bondra are on the team, or at even strenth where Eminger is on the ice with Sutherby-Gordon-Pettinger or Battaglia-Halpern-Willsie.
Do you see his assist totals skyrocketing off the goal totals of those guys?
by the way...wouldn't portland look great with Sutherby Gordon Pettinger and Eminger and Yonkman all on the ice together? unfortunately that is the NHL lineup and we wonder why the Caps are getting their butts kicked on a nightly basis.

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