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10-25-2003, 02:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Brynster
This year is no like other... we're talking possible franchise future here. Who cares about the playoffs this year? I'd rather they play it smart financially this season if it means a longer term future for the club. The club can not give the NHLPA or the richy rich owners any reason to believe that everything is OK up here in Canada... it isn't. If the Oil beef up their budget, those owners won't seriously even consider our long range future.

For clarification... This CBA fight will be with the players AND with some of the "could-care-less" US based owners. If BIG teams get what they want, without worrying about us up here, we're done. I just don't want to hear in two years the same words the Eskimos just uttered this past week... "inevitable". THIS is the wake up year not next year... our actions will speak volumes.
You gotta be kidding me......

No wonder the organization doesn't feel any pressure to put a better product on the ice

The Oilers would not be raising their budget any more than in recent years if they had gone to about $36 million dollars like it was projected. And I guess we're just toasted anyway because all the other Canadian teams have higher payrolls so they will get no sympathy.......PUH-LEASE!

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