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Originally Posted by BrooklynRangersFan View Post
The player requesting the trade points squarely to HIS belief that the issue is with management.

When he then goes on to blossom IMMEDIATELY post-trade, it goes a long way towards showing he was right.

I've been getting progressively more and more concerned about Gernander for a long time now. It seems he can develop players who are defense-first hustle guys like Callahan, who play the game similarly to how he himself played. But, he's displayed no acumen to deal with talented offensive players - indeed, they seem to stagnate under him. We got a glimpse at Gernander in the TC between periods clips - and he was AWFUL. Granted, it was an artificial situation with a team that had been thrown together and it was only a little bit of exposure, but still - I was left INCREDIBLY unimpressed.

If it turns out we let a 6'4" monster who can skate and shoot go (for a 3rd round pick! ) because of this idiot... I want him gone. Now.
I agree that Grachev was not developed well, but I don't think that Gernander is completely to blame. The organization wants Gernander to develop a specific type of player and anytime they have one who is more creative, they run into problems. It's ironic--Colin Campbell used to moan and groan all the time about how the Devils were all an interchangable flock of forwards and then worked hard to create a team full of interchangable forwards (and one that became very hard to watch).

Let's not forget that this organization needed to get back to drafting players who were hard working and more defensively minded--the free agent mercenary teams were filled with stars (most of them past their prime or damaged goods). But now, this organization needs to focus more on developing talent rather than two way, defensive first hockey players. Gernander may not be the coach for that--but it's management that has to make the change to their thinking as well.

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