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09-24-2011, 11:19 PM
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Oh and can someone tell me is it AM 640 where the Leafs games are on? HNIC has been ruined by listening to Simpson, Hugeson and Healy.

I am going to start a drinking game and every time of them say something negative about the Leafs I will take a shot......christ I better not do that cause I will be pissed by the the 18:00 mark of the first period.

I am a Leaf fan and yes Bob Cole was a Leaf homer but at least he did not cut up the other team during broadcast. Those clowns have ruined watching HNIC and I've been watching HNIC for 35 years.

We should start a petition and get them to remove Healy to start. I bet we as Leaf Nation can get it done. The CBC will listen to its bread and butter.

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