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Originally Posted by GoChiefsGo View Post
... and Ratt, Warrant, and Quiet Riot were much better? Please, Nirvana revolutionized music in the 90s, and paved the way for some of the best rock bands of all-time. No way you can dispute that fact, whether or not you liked them. And Nickelback and Creed are very much a new generation of music, I like to call it craprock ... they were helped along by the 90s generation of grungers growing up and having families
ROFL please enlighten me on these best rock bands ever that have come out since the 90s. Then compare them to AC/DC, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Queen and any other big name before the 90s and see how far short they fall. And on the subject of 80's hair metal, at least they could play their instruments.

All Cobain did was make it okay to cry into a microphone while barely knowing how to play guitar, and look how great our music is for it now! His greatest musical achievement was ending his life before the world moved on from his style so that he can forever live as a psuedo legend.

We're probably not ever going to agree on this...

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