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09-25-2011, 12:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Manny View Post
Hey guys. Good game tonight.

I'll offer some thoughts from a Sens fan's perspective. Obviously I wasn't always focussed on Montreal players, but there were some guys I noticed throughout the game.

Nathan Beaulieu, I thought was pretty good. You can't expect too much from a kid his age except flashes of what he may offer in the future. He wasn't always effective, but he was certainly creative and often had the right idea in the offensive zone. His execution will improve, but he's a guy who can create offence and has a good head on his shoulders.

Price looked extremely calm in goal. A few minutes in, I asked myself if anybody would be able to beat him. Save percentage aside, he looked dominant. The kind of goalie that will frustrate opposing players because he's never fazed.
Good stuff.

Da Costa is really impressive, strong in the circle, imaginative offensively. Works hard too. Could develop well this as he's probably slotted as your 2nd center behind Spezza.

One of my favourites prospects from the sens, Regin, disappointed me tonight, after such a great rookie campaign what happened to him?

I don't think Rundblad is ready for the big show yet, maybe in December.

Cowen seems ready though, Wocowiecky or w/e that guy's name is, came out of nowhere (for me) and stood out, tough kid, and a stud defensively.

I Didn't notice the Z too much tonight unfortunately.

Condra impressed me tonight.

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