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Originally Posted by slovakiasnextone View Post
I guess, that´s the way it was, but you know Russia is a much bigger country with more hockey players than Slovakia, where everybody knows everyone at least to some extent and especially when it comes to hockey most guys of Paľo´s generation where at least somehow connected to Trenčín. But I think it is mostly about what kind of person he was.

I couldn´t really watch it until now, but anyway there´s this show on Slovak TV called Modré z neba (Blue form heaven), where they usually have a member of family or friends dreaming out a dream for someone, who usually is sick or has some other big issues. And there was this oen 8 year old boy, who suffered from crebral paldy, who also happened to be a huge sports and especially hockey fan. So when asked what he wanted he said he wanted to meet the NT hockey team (and he even said he´d give the narator 9 months) or if that didn´t work out he´d be content with a PSP 3. The narrator told the boy to give him two days and that he´d see what he can do....

According to the TV narrator he met paľo at some kind of party or something and he mentioned the kid and Paľo´s answer was: "Forget it, of course we´re going into it. We´re going to bestow the boy, we´ll do everythinf for him. I´ll get as many boys as possible, because life´s too short for us not to make each other happy."

At the end the kid not only got to spend a day with Demitra and the other guys as Gáborík, Hossa or Kopecký, but he also met others such as Chára and at the end the guys gave him money, which allowed the family (only the mother´s raising the boy and his older sister) to buy a new wheelchair that the boy really needed. There was this one reall powerful moment when they asked the kids Jakob who his favorite player was (in a room with Demitra, Hossa, Gabby and Kopecký) and the kid said:"one of you´s gonna be really happy now" and he almost touches Paľo´s face (and Paľo´s got this real all happy smile on his face) and says it´s him, also there´s another part where they talk about how Paľo cried during his last NT game and Paľo says that he was real sad he isn´t going to get to play with these boys getsuring to Hossa, Gabby and Kopecký again and the boy tells him to continue to play with the NT again at next WC and the guys all laugh and Paľo says that it´s not possible anymore since he already said his good-bye (it´s really heartbreaking when you know it´s not gonna happen again for sure)

According to the narrator Vilo Rozboril Demitra called him the other day, asking what more he could do for the boy. Vilo answered that they already did everythign they could, but when Paľo insisted, he mentioned the PSP3. Within three hours Paľo purchased it for the boy. Originally the narrator and Demitra had this agreement that they´d do the sequel somewhere at the end of September and start of October, when Paľo was planing to come home to spend a few days with his family and he wanted to give the gift to the boy himself, but we all knows how that worked out, so the TV had a special the week after his death when they re-aired the original with him (which had been shooted roughly three week before the crash) and they also invited the boy and his family to the studio giving him the play station and remembering Paľo....

Paľo and the little boy Jakob

The boys and Jakob

Video of the special with the original and the new parts

"Life´s too short for us not to make each other happy." - This is just so sad and true and depressing to read when you realize that the someone who said it is already dead
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